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Impact of our work.


In Bangladesh solar mini-grids are changing people’s lives. . After getting electricity, people can watch television, use internet, charge mobile, use electric fan, educate children in electric light, develop small scale industries in rural areas, use grinding machine, break rice machine, use electric irrigation. , Wood is being cut. In the past, however, nothing was possible except farming in these areas. Lack of economic activities forced the youth of the area to move to the city. But as a result of mini grid electricity, there are now small industries, workshops, welding machines; Employment opportunities are being created for the people.

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Socio economic Development


We provide clean energy infrastructure to support local electrification and grid access to enhance people’s standard of living.

Solar mini-grids are innovative independent, decentralized electricity networks that can operate separately from a national grid. They are cheap and reliable solution for clean energy access in remote areas where expanding the national grid would be challenging and costly. Solar mini-grid will help make universal access to clean energy a reality in Bangladesh.

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Environment impact


Potentially participate energy transition in order to mitigate climate change and pollution problem as well as recover healthy environment and 40000 metric tonnes carbon emissions saved.

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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)


At Exelon, we continuously think of ways to direct wealth from successful business endeavors towards societal development. Our responsibility doesn’t end with mere thinking. EXELON commits resources and effort.


With a wide range of socio-economic and educational initiatives, EXELON Bangladesh touches the lives of the unheard and unserved.