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Our experience includes both utility-scale, centralized energy solar farms and distributed solutions across the country. EXELON has the capabilities to develop, construct, operate and optimize the outcome of solar projects utilizing photovoltaic (PV) technology. We provide feasibility, detailed design and project management through to construction, finance, ownership, asset sale or continued energy generation.

We provide an extensive and customized service for organizations which intend to embark upon a solar project of any scale. This ranges from utility/commercial to industrial customers. The role of our company for these projects can be of advisory or managing the project.

Mini Grid


We have installed some solar mini grids in remote areas which are not likely to be covered by grid electrification in the near future. The power of these solar mini grids is more reliable than our grid power. Because there is no load shedding in our minigrids. For example, in Monpura of Bhola, Daulatpur of Kushtia, Narayanpur of Kurigram, Jamuna river char of Sirajganj. These areas are remote chars. As there are rivers around, there is very little possibility of electricity going here. However, it will be very expensive. In all, about 10,000 families are getting electricity from all these grids. We are the first in Bangladesh to provide technical support for the widespread expansion of these solar minigrids.

Rooftop Solar Plant

Why do you would bother to install a solar power plant on your roof?

Shade your electricity bill until the FIT (Feed in tariff) comes into action by introducing affordable solar roof top solution on your commercial space. By installing solar power system on your roof your company can be branded as a GREEN COMPANY that not only thought about the reducing the greenhouse gas but also saving on electricity bill in the process.


Who could install solar power plant on the roof?

The premises of the company which has continuous day time load that means solar power system without the storage facility can be cheaper than that of conventional grid electricity and generators. Ideal for the roof of any RMG factory, spinning mills, Pharmaceutical industry, food industry, large storage depot of any kind, ports, courier handling depot at the ports, paper mill, packaging industry, cold storages etc.

How reliable is our system?

First of all, let us explain you about the key components of your roof top power plant.

  1. PV Solar Module
  2. PV Inverter

Exelon only uses Tier 1 and Bankable Products in our system. And our engineers have been comprehensively trained by these companies’ professional to master the installation technique. We offer 10 years’ warranty and after sales for the whole system that is unique among the country’s leading solar roof top solution provider. But at the same time we also mention that these systems are installed for 20 years. By working in the utility scale projects of the IDCOL we have gained trust of investors. We also own a Mini Grid that is providing clean energy to 10000 people in Bagha, Rajshahi, one of the very first PV power plants of its kind. We are also channel partner of Schneider, GCL and ET Group. We could also install a remote monitoring system that would notify you the efficiency of the plant for each moment of operation time and feed info at your smart phone or email.

IPP Construction


Development and implementation of a high-quality solar project is a demand of the time. At Exelon, we aim to provide uncompromised support during the whole process and be a technology & engineering partner you can trust. Since our foundation, we have worked on several high profile Utility Scale solar projects, details of which you can find in the projects section of the website. We have strong expertise in the following key areas:

  • Solar resource assessment
  • Site screening and selection
  • Conceptual design
  • Shading analysis, yield assessment and costing study
  • Grid impact assessment
  • Environmental & social impact assessment
  • Technical specifications Finalization
  • Construction & Commissioning



EXELON is committed to providing cost effective solutions for clients’ success. Software Services and Business Process Optimization are just a few of the services we offer that help our clients operate at maximum efficiency. Our specialty is collecting, organizing, analyzing and interpreting data to provide our customers with meaningful information and a unique competitive advantage  from Design ,Development ,Testing & Life Cycle management

Power Infra & Energy efficiency


Reliable Power network infrastructure is crucial in addressing the challenges of a changing power sector, and accommodating the future generation mix and guarantees an economic and reliable power supply.

Our transmission & distribution team has the necessary know-how to assist our clients in all areas of the power networks from planning to operations stage. We have the design, engineering, system analysis, economics and environmental know-how to deliver your projects. We Exelon Promote to be more Energy Efficient to save our Environment & Economy.