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Tetulia, Panchaagarh

Sympa 10.31 MWp Grid Tied Solar PV Project


Sympa 10.31 MWp Grid Tied Solar PV Project located at Tetulia, Panchagarh is the second largest solar power plant in Bangladesh. Where EXELON Bangladesh Limited has done all the installation and construction work. Notable among them – Land Development, Material Unloading, Solar Rack Installation, Module Mounting Installation, DC & AC Cabling & Connection. Exelon Bangladesh Ltd. Also constructed 8 km 33 KV evacuation line and 33 KV bay at the Tetulia NESCO substation for this project as independent contractor. Project of this kind is rare and second to none as it is a brown field project that means a project within an established project. It is a state of the art Solar Power System constructed within a poultry firm, designed to serve whole Tetulia Upozila, Panchogar, Bangladesh for next 20 years to come with clean energy. This project reached its COD on 13/11/2019 and inaugurated by HPM Sheikh Hasina.

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