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Exelon understands that corporate value is created by all employees. We aim to create a safer, more reliable and comfortable work environment while building a culture of harmony and mutual prosperity. To achieve this, we provide diversified career paths and advancement plans to help our employees pursue promotions, career development and personal satisfaction.

Our success begins with you.

Every company needs a purpose, and Exelon has a strong one: to create a Sustainable, Healthier Bangladesh.

We want to become a global leader in renewable and clean energy solutions. Everything that we do, down to the smallest detail, shows our clear commitment to tackling the challenges of climate change. As an employer, understanding and valuing wellbeing is vital for our success. At the same time, we encourage every individual at Exelon to contribute towards creating a positive impact on the environment as well as on the people, communities and societies around us.


As innovation is in our DNA, we are empowered to develop pioneering solutions to make businesses more sustainable.

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