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Started in 2015, Exelon is now a leading renewable energy firm in Bangladesh providing Engineering & Management services in a wide range of Renewable Energy (Engineering Procurement & Construction), Power System and Energy Efficiency sectors.

EXELON describes itself as a full service company with in-house operational resources in all three sections, engineering, development and constructions. The aim of having in-house resources is to improve or ameliorate engineering decisions, enhance resolution speed and immaculate identification of operational issues.

At Exelon, we are committed to provide our client with latest and best solutions of solar powered electricity. We import the key components of our systems from Tier-1 companies of Europe and China to ensure the highest quality.

Our tech team at Exelon is always undergoing research to keep modernizing our systems in order to ensure our customers with long lasting satisfaction. Our customer services along with our post-purchase services always ensure that every customer is satisfied without doubts with our products.

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Our Contribution to Environmental Sustainability

0 14

Trees absorbing CO₂

0 12.19

CO2 Emission Avoided

0 21

Barrels of Oil reduced

0 1

Litres of Water Saved



The role of leadership is central to EXELON for successfully delivering projects in a safe, efficient and economical manner. EXELON’s team of leaders brings solid experience and a firm commitment to clients.

Md. Abtahi Islam Amit (Managing Director)

In Exelon we have committed ourselves to accommodate all kinds of solar power solution to our clients. “Exelon Bangladesh” understands each client is unique meaning our dedicated engineers and project development team have customized a solar power system perfectly tailored for you.

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EXELON takes pride in its world-class team of design engineers and Consultants. These teams are specially trained in determining the operational issues, working with the manufacturers to identify a solution, assuring the efficiency of the proposed solution and confirming quick implementation. Design engineers and the operation teams closely work on the design and safety issues with O&M to ensure safe and effective operation.

We truly believe in our team, its problem-solving skills, mastery over cutting-edge technologies, ingenious business ideas, attitude to take on every challenges and determination to succeed.

To bridge the gap and bring power to all the rural people out there Exelon’s team is working tirelessly. Exelon’s employees are taking all the necessary precautions and delivering the best service possible and are proud to serve the nation.